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Dream Real is a first global social network based on blockchain technology, where users can share their dreams with the whole world, and cryptocurrency of the ecosystem creates incentives for content generation. In our world 100% of people have dreams and wish to make them real, but in existing social networks (Facebook, etc.) there is no such option to show dreams and realize them. Dream Real is the first global social network in the world where people can share dreams and start fulfilling them. Dream Real has no competitors in its niche and audience can potentially reach 3+ billion people from 200+ countries.

Rating Report





1. Vision (9.0)


As we know, the technology development and the internet are bringing a world without borders, connecting people from different communities, religions, interests, etc. In last years, we saw many social networks growing, like Facebook. However, this model of social network is overrated, today we can combine the decentralization of blockchains with a new social network model, that is positive to all people.


Dream Real launched a new social network model where users can share their "dreams" and try to turn your dreams come reality. A new model that incentives the good content production, benefiting the creators and the people that engage with the content created. In Dream Real, anyone can share their dreams and can receive money to help to make this dream come real. Not just it, Dream Real also brings a space where anyone can start your own Initial Coin Offering , crowdfunding or donation campaign.


2. Team (8.0)


Dream Real have a great team, we're just missing some professionals working on the technology development. Michael Hertz, co-founder, have more than 15 years of experience working with sales and marketing. Stan Djavrounov, co-founder, have +13 years of experience working with venture capital investments. Alexey Pechkin, CTO, have more than 15 years of experience working with IT.


Andrey Tseshinsky, CFO, have +15 years of experience working with finances, he worked as financial director of Patra. Mann Vergan, Senior Legal Consultant, have +15 years of experience of legal practice. Dream Real also have a strong advisors board, we're just missing more people to work with the technology behind the platform and to develop more features to face big social network platforms.


3. Financial (9.0)


3.1. Token Distribution (9.0)


  • Token Sale: 50%;
  • Reserve: 20%;
  • Team: 20%;
  • Advisors: 8%;
  • Bounty: 2%.


Normally we recommend +50% to the token sale, so 50% in this case is positive. Reserve is one of the most important budgets in a company, and we recommend between 10% to 15%, so 20% is moderate. Advisors are very important to help the company grow and to attract more investors and more users, normally we recommend between 5% to 10%, so 8% is positive. Bounty is a good way to attract more attention to the ICO, and 2% is positive. Normally we recommend between 10% to 15% to the team, we think that the reserve fund can't be equal to the team budget, so 20% is moderate.


3.2. Use of Proceeds (9.0)


  • Marketing and Promotion: 60%;
  • Product Development: 30%;
  • Organizational Expenses: 10%.


Dream Real will need a high budget to marketing and promotion to attract more users and show to the world why use Dream Real and why this model is the best however we think that it can't be higher than the product development budget, because when the users join into the platform, they need to see a great platform. In our opinion, the use of proceeds should be: 50% to the product development; 35% to the marketing and 15% to the operations.


4. Product (10)


Dream Real already have a Minimum Viable Product. The platform is aligns the Dream Real vision and the qualified team experience, the platform have a good user experience and user interface, and this will help to attract the users attention. As we saw, the financial system into the platform is working perfectly and anyone can transfer funds to another user, instantly.


  • Status:
  • Start Date (Pre-ICO):
    July 9, 2018
  • End Date (Pre-ICO):
    November 25, 2018
  • Start Date (ICO):
    November 26, 2018
  • End Date (ICO):
    December 31, 2018
  • Whitepaper:
  • Minimum Viable Product:
  • Token Type:
  • Token Blockchain:
  • Token Protocol:
  • Token Symbol:
  • Token Supply:
    1,500,000,000 DR
  • Token Price:
    1 DR = 0.000167 ETH
  • Soft Cap:
    230 ETH
  • Hard Cap:
    125,000 ETH
  • Accepting:
    ETH, BTC
  • Min. Investment:
    0.1 ETH
  • KYC:
  • Whitelist:
  • Country Restriction:
    Singapore, South Korea, United States
  • Country:
    British Virgin Islands
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