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moolya is the World’s 1st LIVE Global Digital Startup Ecosystem which replicates the global offline startup ecosystems and provides its members such as ideators, startups, investors, companies, service providers and institutions with digital avatars. moolya was ideated by our founder out of his learnings as a startup entrepreneur in India and the travails and pangs he faced in the process. It is our effort on moolya to help its global users focus on their core business aspects and use the digital workflows and services on moolya, for activities such as raising investments and getting their operations serviced. moolyacoin is an ERC20 token of a patent pending innovative SaaS platform, which merges interaction network, marketplace and on-demand service platforms offering services using the Ethereum blockchain framework and's platform.

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1. Vision (10)


Moolya is an all-in-one platform for ideators, startups, investors, institutions, companies and service providers. Moolya is bringing the offline startups ecosystem to the online world, creating a global "ecosystem for ecosystem" and enabling users to do networking, raise investment, bring new people to the startup team and more. Moolya will helps these 6 groups in all phases, since helping the startups to supply all your necessities to help investors to interact directly with ecosystems and explore new ideas and startups to invest.


2. Team (10)


Moolya team is very experienced and qualified. Ursha Nimala, CEO, have +16 years of experience in international people management in companies like Pepsico, Polaris and Satven. Rakesh Naik, Chairman, have +22 years of experience in global data center supervision and security in companies like Oracle and Canon. Rudra Pratap, CMO, have +16 years of experience in international marketing and business development in companies like Wipro and Cosyn.


Ramana, CTO, have +16 years of experience in large scale technology development in companies like NBC and Dell. VKP Rao, CFO, have +33 years of experience in international finance administration in companies like Mediciti Hospitals and Speck. All advisors and mentors also are very qualified to assist Moolya team in all necessities.


3. Financial (10)


3.1. Token Distribution (10)


  • Private Sale: 27%;
  • Reserve: 24%;
  • ICO: 20%;
  • Advisors: 14%;
  • Founders: 14%;
  • Pre-ICO: 1%.


Normally we recommend a percentage around 50% or more to the token sale (all phases), and summing private sale, pre-ICO and ICO we can see 48%, a positive percentage. Reserve is one of most important funds in a company, and we recommend a percentage between 15% and 25%, so 24% is positive. Founders are responsible to spend time and hard work to create a strong company and strong product, so they need a budget in the token distribution. Normally we recommend between 10% and 15%, so 14% is positive. Advisors are important, but we think that 14% is high, it should be around 8% and 10%. The advisors budget will no prejudice the company, so we'll considerate it moderate.


3.2. Use of Proceeds (10)


3.2.1. Pre-ICO (10)


  • Marketing, Global Offices and Partnerships: 60%;
  • Platform Development: 20%;
  • Operations: 20%.


Moolya is adopting a phases development model, so they raised funds with the pre-ICO and already started working in the platform development and company expansion. Initially, 60% to partnerships and marketing is very positive, considering that's the moment where the company is being presented to the world and is attracting new strategic partners. Platform needs to be working perfectly in the ICO phase to attract more investors, so 20% is positive. To start working and doing a more complete structure is necessary to pay expenses of operations, and 20% is positive.


3.2.2. ICO (10)


  • Platform Development: 45%;
  • Global Scaling of Operations: 35%;
  • Marketing, Sales and Partnerships: 20%.


Moolya already raised capital with the pre-ICO and already used this capital to the platform development, marketing and operations. Now, the capital raised in ICO will be used to keep the platform development and architecture, global expansion and sales/marketing. The platform is the main product of Moolya, and 45% to the platform development is positive. With the chapters, Moolya needs to expand to all countries to attract more investors and startups, so 35% to global scaling operations is positive. Moolya also needs show to the participants of the offline startups ecosystem why migrate to Moolya and why Moolya is the best solution to solve all problems of the actual ecosystem model, and 20% to marketing, sales and partnerships is positive.


4. Product (9.0)


Moolya have a Minimum Viable Product live since Jan 2018. This platform works perfectly and is aligned with the vision and the team behind Moolya. Anyone already can register on the website and start connecting with people in chapters. We only see one positive thing that's the user can't have a preview access to the platform like see what's happening inside the chapters and the current startups, companies and investors interacting in the chapters, the user needs to register and pass to the KYC process.

  • Status:
  • Start Date (Private Sale):
    September 1, 2018
  • End Date (Private Sale):
    November 15, 2018
  • Start Date (Pre-ICO):
    July 10, 2018
  • End Date (Pre-ICO):
    August 10, 2018
  • Start Date (ICO):
    December 1, 2018
  • End Date (ICO):
    January 15, 2019
  • Whitepaper:
  • Minimum Viable Product:
  • Token Type:
  • Token Blockchain:
  • Token Protocol:
  • Token Symbol:
  • Token Supply:
    1,000,000,000 MOOLYA
  • Token Price:
    1 MOOLYA = 0.06 USD
  • Soft Cap:
    3,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap:
    25,000,000 USD
  • Accepting:
    ETH, USD
  • Min. Investment:
    0.2 ETH / 100 USD
  • KYC:
  • Whitelist:
  • Country Restriction:
    China, South Korea, United States
  • Country:
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