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For years, sports gambling has been over-regulated. If you felt like making a wager on your favorite team in a big game, there was an extremely limited way of doing so legally. With Sportie, you can be sitting on your couch with your family, or up at the bar with your peers and instantly place a bet on a game you are watching live. Easy cryptocurrency payments which use a private blockchain creates the perfect environment for anyone looking to test their luck. You will not be competing against the “House” in our app. It will be one player competing against the next for their share of the pot. Creating the most fair and consistent betting platform is our goal.

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1. Vision (10)


The betting market was always a big market. Today, we can see the growth of online betting platforms, that soon will reach a $52 billion market. However, these platforms uses fiat-system that in some regions/countries are blocked because bets are prohibited, also the fiat-system is a high cost system, with high fees and high delay to send/convert the money to the end user. Not just it, but these platforms also can't provide a transparent system, that is very important for this market.


Sportie is being developed to solve the current betting market problems, like transparency, costs, safety and limits. Using blockchain, Sportie will register all bets in form of smart contracts, where the users will set the bet conditions, providing more transparency for all bettors. In addition, Sportie is launching a token (SPTI) that will be used on the platform to provide a instant payment system with a low-cost.


Initially, Sportie is launching two types of bets: Head to Head (peer-to-peer) or Scrum. The Head to Head system is a direct bet, where the users can place a bet with friends/co-workers, so they will set all bet conditions and the stakes, and after all be set, the smart contract will be registered on blockchain. The scrum system is like a pool, where users can join on a bet that already have the conditions set. It provides a system more transparent, without limits (the limit is the stakes that have been placed by the other bettors) and with instant payments with low-fees.


When Sportie attract a substantial number of users, they will launch the "Vegas" system, where the Sportie will offer bets and cover the stakes. Not just it, but they also want to build Kiosks to expand to the physical world and show to all the bettors the efficient system of Sportie, that's more reliable than actual betting platforms.


2. Team (8.0)


On the executive team we can see very qualified people working on Sportie business development and management. Ryan Johnson, CEO, already worked as salesman and manager of business in several companies. Brett Willbond, VP of Operations, is experienced in sales and business development in a $1 billion company, will be responsible for the sales team, marketing and business development. Drew Strahan, CFO, is experienced with Operations and Risk Assessment, will be responsible for all Sportie finances and execution of budgets.


We're just missing the information about the team responsible to develop the technology behind the platform, it's why we rate as 8.0. However, Sportie executive team and advisers board are very qualified.


3. Financial (9.0)


3.1. Token Distribution (8.0)


  • Sales (Pre-ICO and ICO): 60%;
  • Team: 20%;
  • Reserve: 10%;
  • Partners and Advisors: 10%.


Partners and Advisors are very important to promote a company, and normally we recommend a budget of around 5% to 10%, so 10% in this case is positive. Reserve is also a very important budget, in this case we think that it should be around 15%, not 10%. For the team budget we normally recommend a percentage around 10% to 15%, in this case is moderate. Normally we recommend that the token sale budget be around 50%, so the company will be able to distribute the other 50% to important things for the company, in this case Sportie would less the token sale to 50% and distribute the other 10% to budgets like "Reserve".


3.2. Use of Funds (10)


  • Marketing: 50%;
  • IT Platform: 25%;
  • Legal: 15;
  • Operations: 10%.


Sportie will need a strong Legal team to face the jurisdictions and expand their operations, so 15% is very positive. As a online service, the operations costs will be low, in this case, 10% is a positive percentage. Sportie will need to invest a high amount to the platform development, because they need a platform executing smart contracts all the time and to expand the operations to the future "Kiosks", so 25% is a very positive percentage. Finishing the use of funds analysis, we can see that Sportie will reserve 50% of the funds to invest in marketing, and this is a very intelligent use, because they will need to show to the betting market why use Sportie and why they are the best platform on this market (focusing on transparency, safety and low-cost transactions).


4. Product (-)


Unfortunately, Sportie doesn't have a Minimum Viable Product, so we can't do an analysis.

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  • Status:
  • Start Date (Pre-ICO):
    September 1, 2018
  • End Date (Pre-ICO):
    September 30, 2018
  • Start Date (ICO):
    October 1, 2018
  • End Date (ICO):
    December 31, 2018
  • Whitepaper:
  • Token Type:
  • Token Blockchain:
  • Token Protocol:
  • Token Symbol:
  • Token Supply:
    2,000,000,000 SPTI
  • Token Price:
    1 ETH = 10,000 SPTI
  • Soft Cap:
    2,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap:
    24,000,000 USD
  • Accepting:
    ETH, BTC
  • Min. Investment:
    0.1 ETH
  • KYC:
  • Whitelist:
  • Country Restriction:
  • Country:
    United States
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