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Rating Report

We have a strong experts team which work with administration, business, financial market and technology. Our experts experience is very important to create rating reports for companies or startups that are launching an Initial Coin Offering.

Exchange and Wallet Listing

We have partnerships with 4 big exchanges: Cryptonex (Exchange and Wallet), Simex, OOOBTC and Mercatox. These exchanges sum more than 5.5 billion dollars of monthly volume.

Legal Services

E&S Group is a law firm and our partner responsible for our clients Legal services. We offer services to all stages of an ICO (utility or security tokens): Company Formation and Maintenance, Tax, Accounting, Private/Public Offering Documents (Token Offer Agreement, KYC Guidance, Privacy Policy and T&Cs), Investor Protection/Refund/KYC Policies, Whitepaper Compliance and Websites Disclaimer.


We will use our website to feature your ICO on mainpage (Featured Ratings, Featured Events and Bottom Bar), on ICOs, Airdrops, Bounties and Events pages and posting on our Newsletter, Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also have partnerships with administrators of 9 Telegram groups about ICOs, that sum +55K members, to promote our clients ICOs.

Promotion Video

We have a great partnership with Flatred, a design agency that work with 2D animation, infographics, explainers and video editing. 


CryptoEsprit and Crypto2Day are our partners and will help you to promote your ICO writing articles and promoting it on the crypto-community.

Technical Assistance

Blocklized Technologies is our partner and offer web development, blockchain and smart contracts assistance and audit, web servers and more.


We have a team specialized in translations of whitepapers, blog posts, website, announcements and more.